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An important objective for Lifeways is to support charitable projects and community organisations that benefit the physical and mental health of local people and promote a better quality of life. We are particularly interested in helping initiatives which are not high profile and might not happen without our support.

While we are a small charity with limited financial resources, we achieve the above objective by using our facilities and a significant proportion of any financial surplus we generate each year in the following ways:

  • By providing rooms at a low-rate or free of charge for charities and not-for-profit community groups.
  • By charging a lower room rate for therapists working with people on low income or with special needs.
  • By making a direct financial contribution to specific charitable projects.
  • By sharing our garden as a community space free of charge.

Examples of our charitable support include:

Helping our therapists help others

Low cost room hire has been provided for classes for people on low income or with special needs such as Yoga for the University of the Third Age, Pilates for people with Parkinson’s and counsellors working with people in financial need.

Funding specialist projects - Lifeways Carers' Cafe

For a number of years we have funded a Carers’ Café and provided free treatment days for carers who look after an unwell adult.  The Carers' Cafe provides social and practical support for people who are full time carers. Cafes are held twice a month and each attracts around 30 people. Lifeways supports this both financially and practically.

“We’ve had a lovely, lovely day here at Lifeways ………. I had a lovely reflexology session on the house!”

We have also held a party for young carers who look after an unwell adult.

Charity Partners

Local charities and community groups which have recently benefited from free or reduced room hire have included:

  • Community Energy Warwickshire - a local co-op whose aim is to invest in renewable energy projects and to help local people reduce their use of energy and save money.
  • Cruse Bereavement Care - a charity providing support for people who have suffered bereavement.
  • The Domestic Abuse Counselling Service (DACS) - a charity working with survivors of domestic abuse.
  • Guideposts - a Warwickshire-wide initiative to support full-time carers.
  • Guy’s Gift - a charity support bereaved children.
  • Lifeways Carer's Cafe - a fun and useful group supported by Lifeways exclusively for people caring for a loved one.
  • New Hope - a Christian charity providing a very low cost/voluntary donation confidential counselling service which is available to anyone living in Leamington, Warwick and surrounding areas.
  • Relate - a charity providing counselling services for individuals, couples and families.
  • Safeline - a charity based in Warwick that provides confidential counselling services for survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Springfield Mind - caring for those with mental heath issues.
  • Stratford Death Café - a voluntary-run tea, cake and discussion group for those who have been affected by bereavement or who are interested in sharing perspectives about life and end of life issues.
  • Stratford Time Bank - a voluntary organisation rewarding people for help they give to those around them. which can then be spent receiving an hour’s help in return.
  • Swanswell - a national charity providing support for those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Transition Stratford – a community group aiming to establish projects that are beneficial to people and the environment.
  • Youth Justice Service - a service run by Warwickshire County Council working with young offenders to help prevent re-offending.

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