Arts Therapies include Art, Music and Dramatherapy. These Creative Therapies offer a unique form of psychological therapy, conducted in a safe and confidential relationship with a qualified Arts Therapist.

Using Arts Therapies is particularly helpful when emotions are too confusing to express verbally; when verbal communication is difficult; or when words are not enough or too much to bear.

Arts Therapists provide creative psychological therapy to clients of all ages - children, adults and older people - facing a range of issues, disabilities or diagnoses. These can include emotional or mental health problems, ranging from depression and psychosis to issues of identity and recovery from addiction or abuse; learning or physical disabilities; developmental disorders; life limiting conditions, brain injury or neurological conditions, such as a stroke or dementia; or physical illness.

An Arts Therapist does this by helping the individual to play and experience themselves and others in different ways through an arts-based activity within a therapeutic framework.

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Arts Therapists are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This means that they are required to meet national standards for their training, professional skills and behaviour.