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These are stressful times. Do you have a really effective way to handle the stress you experience?

How relaxed are you right now?

If you're not sure, why not try Tibetan Yoga at Lifeways?

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Banishing Those Lockdown Blues

Now that we have dates in the diary for lockdown to ease, we should be feeling better – but what if we are not? The strangeness of this time may mean that we have not dispelled the January blues. Emotional wellbeing coach, Belinda Wells, gives 10 practical ways to banish the blues and build positivity in this period before we reach an end to social distancing.

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How to Stay Sane Whilst Home Schooling

Then end of lockdown may be in sight, but those with young children could still be facing a few more weeks of home schooling. Ollie Coach, Belinda Wells, herself a former teacher, discusses how to look after your own wellbeing and that of your children whilst everyone is still at home together.

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101 Things To Do in Lockdown

Running out of ideas to keep busy in lockdown? You are sure to find something new to stimulate your mind or help you to connect to the outside world in this list of ideas from Lucy Shepherd of Therapy Centre Services.

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Five Factors That Stop Us Changing

We often find it difficult to break old habits and embrace change. We procrastinate. Perhaps because deep down, we’re scared to take the plunge, even with the promise of better health or a better life. There may be several reasons for this, but it is usually because we are fearful of something!

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Recipe for Healthy Sugar-free Ayurvedic Apple Chutney

An ideal condiment to add to your foods this season and a perfect way to use some of the many windfalls we still see in our gardens and the countryside around us!

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Anxiety Is Your Lookout

Did you know that anxiety is a type of anchor? It is a mental anchor, which is associated with the unwanted feelings caused by memories or events that have caused us distress in our past. So, whenever something happens in the present that might remind us of those feelings, our anxiety anchor is quick to act.

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New Hope in Lockdown

On the evening of Monday 23rd March, I made a dash down to our office where I speedily packed up bags and boxes with whatever I thought I might need to run a counselling service from my house. Over the previous few days, the New Hope team had tried to imagine and plan ways we could continue during lockdown. Then it happened.

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Building Resilience in Children

‘Children are very resilient’ we say. This is a comforting myth. The truth is some children are naturally resilient and others are not. When setbacks happen children are, of course, affected. I have been working with children for over fifty years now so these observations are based on my personal experience.

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10 Reasons to be Cheerful

Belinda Wells, one of Lifeways counsellors shares her inspirational advice for a happier day.

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