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How can Mindfulness help Farmers

Farming can be a stressful and isolating profession that demands long hours of work. Because of this, those working in agriculture are susceptible to poor mental wellbeing as highlighted in the recent Mind Your Head campaign.
Recent reports have highlighted how big this issue is as figures revealed as many as one agricultural worker a week dies by suicide.
How can Mindfulness help?

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6 Myths About Psychotherapy

What is the role of a psychotherapist? What might you expect when working with one?
Alex Golabek writes about the 6 most common myths surrounding psychotherapy, and why we all need to take a closer look at our mental health and speak out.

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Naturally working with Menopausal Symptoms

For most women menopause is quite a challenging time. Hormonal fluctuations can cause a plethora of symptoms with various degrees of intensity.
Eden Energy Medicine shares a couple of simple exercises that can naturally balance hormones and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

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Access Bars Never heard of it, nor had I until I tried it and it's nothing like you have experienced before……..

Access Bars is a technique that involves putting gentle fingertip pressure on 32 points on the head which are called the Bars. These Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes and decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

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Taming feelings of anxiety in the brain (and why we feel them)

Anxiety is a basic human emotion. We all have the capability of experiencing this emotion. Anxiety helps us to deal with the dangers in the world. Anxiety stops us from stepping in front of a bus and helps us to navigate difficult life situations. Normally, these feelings will be short-lived and the danger successfully diverted. But what happens when we are experiencing anxious feelings constantly

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Are you feeling stuck?

If you are feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed then CBT can help you get your life back on track. I am committed to providing therapy that is collaborative, supportive and motivational in order to help people overcome life’s difficulties and challenges.

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Don't Diet!

The concept of the yo-yo diet. Loss – failure – gain – diet – loss – failure – gain…HypnoSlim® is a weight loss and loss maintenance programme that works in four one-hour sessions...in four weeks you are controlling what you eat and how you feel about food.

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Philanthropy in Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills

"We set to work with our respective projects – Janice, a special needs teacher... working in the school giving curriculum support for the 3 teachers. Margo, working on supporting the registration of the charity with the powers that be in Rwanda... And me, working with Theogene on Income Generation ideas that will help to sustain the local economy in the future"

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Our Secret Garden

Lifeways can be a busy ol’ place at times! Occasionally, however, there are quiet moments and If I’m fortunate, the sun is smiling and I have time for a break, my favourite place to be is our beautiful garden.

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Why try Curative Hypnotherapy?

During curative hypnotherapy you are able to access your subconscious, instinctive mind, and identify the reasons why it is responding in the way that it is, producing undesirable, negative symptoms.
By reviewing the original event, You can then use all of your knowledge, to change your future responses if you wish to.

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